“Its my way on the highway” I remember this line from the theme song of Summerslam with Austin and Taker main-eventing the wrestling fest back in the 90s….So, What about it? This line resonates the philosophy of modern day Indian youth, well supposedly….Accept it or not, today we live in the world of narcissism, epicureanism and hedonsim. Add cynicism to the list as well…Little do we understand the long term repercussions of anything we are affiliated to and obsessed with!

What is it in life that one needs to strive for? One can ask this question casually and the answers given are even more casual and not concrete!  Gender makes a big difference…Men come up with some common replies while Women are not so sure of what they want(particularly Indians)…Wealth, Fame and Property are the 3 main entities that everyone want. Add Affection aka Love to the scheme of things even though it is just a secondary requirement which in many occasions, overtakes the other 3 and becomes the prime focus for an individual! Humans want to love and to be loved. This is the subconscious trait in any personality. It can be subjugated with extreme dose of other emotions or simply through sublimation. The latter is almost invisible these days. Add Knowledge to this list of items to be striven for. So , it makes a five-way battle between Wealth, Fame, Property, Love and Knowledge. Our lives are spent in the pursuit of these entities. If the interest over one dulls, the other lures. These entities form the circle of our lives and there is no escape route, well almost!

Society plays a huge role in a person’s life. In a way, the rules of the society are to be followed compulsorily. Senior citizens make sure we structure our lives in the so-called tried and tested pattern. Sons and daughters are expected to carry on with the legacy of establishing a family’s name in the society and future generations are supposed to uphold the same ideology. Why? The mundane reply is that each family should have its collective head high up in the society and should never be a laughing stock! Is this worth striving for?  Varna Ashrama Dharma(VAD) was found in India with the intention of establishing sustainable harmony. VAD in my view is the best structured theme for any society but it has decayed in to a caste segmentation system, majorly used by sick politicians for vote bank politics.

Consumerism has been the curse of humanity after the inception of industrial age. Living with surplus amenities is sacred these days! The human tendency of self-indulgence is the main target area of merchants. They create uncalled-for needs and we reactively sway to them. To say that our life is a mess of unwanted desires would not be too critical at all. Most of us are gluttons serving to our senses even though there is nothing like a permanent sensual pleasure. It is always temporary and transient.  Can this be called as Stricken Happiness?

We are what we read, what we see, what we hear, what we are subjected to. Past experiences dictate our present and future. We react vicariously to others’ experiences. One can claim to be a master of his/her consciousness but can the same be said for sub-consciousness? There is always this conflict between emotion and reason within us. Does anyone know why? Can we differentiate between intuition and insight? Insight comes from experience and knowledge. Where does intuition come from? Think about it. These are some questions to be answered if we think we are masters of our own lives. Now, tell me whether Its your way on the highway? 🙂


The Return

Posted: May 8, 2010 in Personal

Finally…back to blogosphere after a 2 year hiatus.The reasons for my prolonged absence are plenty but it doesn’t matter isn’t it?? 🙂 The big question is What am i going to blog about? Technology, Films, Personal Opinions et al would be my innocuous reply.

I have chosen wordpress as blogspot is boring 😀 Lets see what changes I could do to my blog

Ok..so, I have returned and things will fall into place from now on…